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Have project going on and in need of quality product rendering, 3D modelling or concept development? Send us project brief and we’ll get back to you within two work days. Our working hours are 9AM to 5PM, moday through friday.

Send project brief

Our Workflow

Upon agreeing on project scope and you accepting our offer we will start working within one week time.


Ok, let's start... We need a few sentences what is a project about, a few images or links to similar concepts or products and any CAD data or 3D files if you have them.

Also, please make sure to include how many renders, animation duration and a deadline to help us make an accurate estimate.


At this stage we gather the references and materials and analyse if it’s enough to start on a draft, this is where we make sense of the project, so clear brief and goals are most beneficial.

Render draft

At this stage we produce a basic render draft to agree that the project is heading in the assumed direction.

Feedback loop

When you receive the draft and settle on the style and direction is when we start the grind toward the final stage, back and forth communication is intensive and needs clear and fast responsive inputs to finish the renders to mutual satisfaction.


For the final renders, we need to know the exact resolutions (and seconds of animation) and file extensions you need.

Deliverables are hi-resolution final renders, source files and any 3D format you need.

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